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Terms of Use

Last modified: 23rd February 2017


The legal terms and conditions of use contained in this document apply to the services available on the website operaticketsitaly.com, provided by A&A Tickets Online, S.L. (hereinafter referred to as “A&A Tickets Online”), a company domiciled in Benidorm (Spain), calle Emilio Ortuño 19, 4º, 12 (Edificio New Life I), fiscal identification number (NIF) B54863147 and filed in the Alicante Business Register, volume 3866, folio 175, page A-145520.

A&A Tickets Online can be contacted by email at [email protected] and by other means as listed on the contact page.

The services provided by A&A Tickets Online consist of facilitating the purchase and sale of tickets for events, shows, visits and tours. A&A Tickets Online acts as an intermediary between the promoter of the event/show and the Customer benefiting from the event promoter’s services. A&A Tickets Online is not responsible for any aspect of the service provided other than supplying information, tickets or vouchers permitting the Customer to attend the event, show, visit or tour in question.

Any Customer contracting services from A&A Tickets Online confirms and agrees, in all cases, that they are legally entitled to accept the terms and conditions of A&A Tickets Online, which, together with the description, acceptance and confirmation of their specific request, will constitute a contract between the Customer and A&A Tickets Online.

Purchasing tickets and methods of payment

There is no requirement to already be registered with A&A Tickets Online to buy tickets via operaticketsitaly.com. The Customer simply chooses the tickets they want to purchase, and follows the steps shown, filling in the details requested. At the end of the process, a summary of the ticket request will be sent to the email address provided by the Customer. No charge will be made or contract entered into until the purchase is validated by A&A Tickets Online.

If the Customer cannot find the email referred to above in their inbox, they should check their spam folder, any filters and the configuration of their email, or contact their email provider prior to contacting A&A Tickets Online. A&A Tickets Online accepts no responsibility for any communication errors or problems that are not caused by its information technology (IT) systems or telecommunications systems, or those of its suppliers.

When the Customer’s request is received by A&A Tickets Online, it will be processed and, if everything is in order, the tickets will be confirmed and corresponding charge made. In the case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as the complete or partial unavailability of tickets, seats not being placed together, unanticipated changes to the show or event in question or anything else considered relevant to the transaction, A&A Tickets Online will contact the Customer to deal with the matter directly, prior to making any charge. Depending on the specific circumstances, the transaction will only be carried out if the solution proposed by A&A Tickets Online is accepted by the Customer.

Once the total amount for the ticket or tickets has been charged, the contract will be finalised and confirmed to the Customer by email within a period not exceeding 24 hours.

When the contract is finalised, cancellation is not permitted. Should the Customer discover any errors in the details they provided, they should contact A&A Tickets Online immediately (within 24 hours), so that A&A Tickets Online can make the necessary corrections. Such corrections by A&A Tickets Online will incur a surcharge of 5% of the total value of the booking.

The final price will include all applicable taxes and the costs of delivery and postage for the tickets. Payment is in Euros (€) only. A&A Tickets Online does not accept any responsibility for any additional third-party costs stemming from the transaction, method of payment or charges relating to changing currency.

The following only will be accepted as methods of payment: specified credit or debit cards, cheque, bank transfer, bank deposit, or cash where this is specifically shown as an acceptable method of payment. A&A Tickets Online reserves the right to increase its final price for the transaction to the Customer should their specific method of payment incur a further charge to A&A Tickets Online from the payment provider.

The Customer may cancel any unauthorised charges made to their card. If fraud is suspected, A&A Tickets Online retains the right to demand confirmation that the card in question has been blocked or cancelled, receive documented evidence confirming that its unauthorised use has been reported by the registered cardholder, and to claim costs or damages relating to any fraudulent payments cancelled by the card provider.

Cancellations and changes to bookings

The services provided by A&A Tickets Online deal with leisure and entertainment events with a specific date. As a consequence, the right to cancel in line with consumer law and regulations is not applicable. In particular, once A&A Tickets Online has confirmed the client’s booking, cancellation and reimbursement of tickets purchased is not permitted under any circumstances.

The only exception to the above, and subject to the agreement of the promoter of the event in question, on the basis that at least one month’s warning is given and the Customer has neither received nor collected their tickets, the Customer may request a change to the date of their booking. In such cases, A&A Tickets Online will act as intermediary and negotiate on behalf of the Customer with the promoter of the event booked, who will either accept or reject the Customer’s request depending on their own criteria. A&A Tickets Online neither guarantees nor will it accept any responsibility for the outcome of its negotiations. If the outcome is favourable for the Customer, A&A Tickets Online will make an additional charge of 10% of the total value of the booking.

In all cases of the promoter cancelling a specific event for reasons of force majeure (for example technical problems, severe weather, earthquake, illness and other difficulties of a similar nature), A&A Tickets Online will reimburse the Customer the entire amount of their purchase.

Responsibilities and guarantees

A&A Tickets Online is solely an intermediary in the ticket purchasing process. It does not participate in, promote or in any way intervene or have any decision-making powers in respect of the aims, content and production of any of the events listed on its website, nor does it have any association or relationship with the organisers or promoters of these events beyond its role, as stated, of intermediary.

With regard to the above, A&A Tickets Online will neither assume responsibility, nor is it responsible, for any actions taken by the organisers or promoters, including information about or descriptions of events, cancellation, modifications to the programming of events or their content, conditions, limitations or restrictions of access or anything that might impinge on the Customer’s satisfaction with or expectations of the event. In summary, the relationship between A&A Tickets Online and the Customer is limited to the following: confirmation of the booking request together with a coupon or voucher providing access to the event, to be exchanged for the tickets for said event, or with tickets for the event when these are supplied by A&A Tickets Online. Anything to do with the event other than the procurement of tickets should be discussed with the responsible organiser or promoter.

Notwithstanding these restrictions, A&A Tickets Online will at all times assist the Customer with any information it holds should the Customer wish to make any claim or to resolve any dispute between them and the event promoter. If the Customer asks A&A Tickets Online to intervene and act directly on their behalf with regard to their claim, an honorarium of 30% of the ticket cost originally charged to the Customer will be payable to A&A Tickets Online.

In all instances the Customer undertakes to make appropriate use of the service, and comply in good faith, and in line with accepted codes of conduct, with the terms, conditions and limitations set by the promoter of the show, event or visit.

Data Protection

Customers using our website and services will be asked for personal information and data. Consult our Privacy Policy for further information.


A&A Tickets Online reserves the right to make changes to its website and its current terms and conditions at any time without prior warning, without prejudice to those contracts that have already been concluded.

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

This contract, unless otherwise stated, is governed by Spanish law. Both A&A Tickets Online and the Customer agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts in Benidorm (Spain) to resolve any argument or dispute, except in situations where this is not permitted under the law.

Important notice:
These Terms and Conditions are subject to Spanish law. The Spanish text is the legally valid version. The English text is a courtesy translation provided for your information and guidance only and is not legally binding.