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    Plácido Domingo Recital

    Plácido Domingo Recital

    It is hard to imagine a more perfect combination of performer and venue than the legendary tenor Plácido Domingo and the eternal Arena di Verona. A singer with exceptional talent, personality, and charm, the Spanish-born star has been a constant presence in the world of opera ever since his debut in the distant 1959. More than half a century later, the name ‘Plácido Domingo’ has become synonymous with versatility, artistry, and longevity. On the storied stage of Arena di Verona, Domingo will revive some of the signature arias from his astounding career. He will also tip his hat to famous collaborations, such as the repertoire of the wildly popular tour with the late Luciano Pavarotti and fellow Spaniard José Carreras, better known as The Three Tenors. As if the performance itself is not historic enough, your ticket also includes a sightseeing tour on a mini train that will acquaint you with Verona’s remarkable past. This package deal is one for the books!

    Plácido Domingo’s remarkable career spans over 150 of the most coveted tenor and baritone roles in the opera repertoire. From early childhood, he was immersed in a world of music and performance. Both of Plácido’s parents were singers in the zarzuela tradition, a unique brand of Spanish musical theatre known for its lyricism and drama. He quickly made his musical talent known, remembering and reproducing songs he had heard his mother and father perform the night before. His first ever professional appearance was accompanying his mother at the piano during a concert in Yucatán. Baritone roles in zarzuela productions followed, until Domingo got his first taste of grand opera with a minor role in Giuseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto in 1959. His first leading role would come in 1961 in another Verdi classic – Alfredo in La traviata. From there on, Plácido Domingo took the opera world by storm and made his way through the tenor repertoire. Never one to settle into a routine, in the latter part of his career, Domingo ventured beyond traditional Italian and French opera territory and explored German, Russian, and English works as well. So, the Plácido Domingo Recital at Arena di Verona draws on a wide variety of sources and is a true celebration of one of opera’s finest living artists.

    In addition to the fantastic musical performance, your ticket includes a ride on the sightseeing train, or ‘trenino’, that leaves every 30 minutes from Piazza Brà, opposite the famous Arena. You can choose to do the tour on the day of the performance, one day prior or one day later. On the itinerary are many of the sites that make Verona a popular and unique historical location. Roman structures, medieval castles and churches, monasteries, and breath-taking views from the Adige riverbank all come together in one compact, exciting roundtrip. The larger-than-life persona of Plácido Domingo and the millennia that make up the City of Love are a match made in heaven.

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