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    La rondine, Opera by G. Puccini

    La rondine, Opera by G. Puccini

    The marvellously decorative auditorium, Teatro Filarmonico, stages productions of La Rondine, one of Giacomo Puccini's operas known for its sweeping orchestrations and rich melodies. The theatre is located in the centre of Verona and is the ideal venue to enjoy this opera with its themes of love, fidelity and ambition. Puccini wrote La Rondine, a take on the La Traviata story that had been immortalised by Giuseppe Verdi in 1853, from an adaptation of a novel by Alexandre Dumas. In Puccini's version, the action takes place in Paris just as La Traviata had with the plot centring on a courtesan at the height of Parisian society. Nevertheless, La Rondine is no mere pale imitation of Verdi's opera despite the obvious similarities. Based on an entirely new libretto by Giuseppe Adami, Puccini's work premiered at Monte Carlo's Opera House on 27 March, 1917.

    Puccini wrote La Rondine after being commissioned by Vienna's Carltheater to come up with a new opera in 1913. Due to the outbreak of World War I, the planned-for premiere in the Austrian capital was not possible. For this reason, the opera was first performed in Monaco which was not involved in hostilities at the time. Puccini made extensive use of up-to-date dance rhythms for his score, notably writing some pieces with a tango-style beat as well as upbeat waltzes and even a polka. Although press reception was warm following La Rondine's debut, it didn't fare as well as other Puccini operas at the box office, perhaps a reflection of the time rather than its artistic merit.

    Today, La Rondine – which translates as The Swallow – is often regarded as one of Puccini's most distinctive works. Certainly, audience-goers can expect some considerable emotional depth from the opera's duets between two of its main characters, Magda and Ruggero, in the final act. Magda is the aforementioned courtesan who is the mistress of the wealthy and powerful Rambaldo, a baritone part. Magda – and her maid, Lisette – are both written for soprano voices and each has secret ambitions concerning true love. Prunier, a tenor part, is Lisette's secret lover, while Magda is torn by the protection Rambaldo offers and the opportunity for love she sees in Ruggero, also a tenor.

    With a thrilling performance, some superbly orchestrated music and a wonderfully evocative theatre, La Rondine at Verona's Teatro Filarmonico is sure to set pulses racing among all audience members.

    image Teatro Filarmonico Verona / Per gentile concessione Fondazione Arena di Verona / Foto Gilles Alonso