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    Rudolf Buchbinder plays Beethoven

    Rudolf Buchbinder plays Beethoven

    Venice's famous opera house, the Gran Teatro La Fenice, will host a pair of concerts under the direction of the renowned maestro and pianist Rudolf Buchbinder on Thursday 7th and Saturday 9th March 2024. Both evenings will consist of the same enticing programme in which Buchbinder will conduct La Fenice Orchestra while also playing piano. Opening with Beethoven's Piano Concerto in C minor No 3, Op. 37 these concerts will also include Piano Concerto No 5 in E♭ major, Op. 73. Each performance will take place in a venue that is globally renowned for both operatic productions and high-quality classic music.

    Composed at the start of the 19th century, Beethoven's third piano concerto is split into three movements, the standard music format at the time when the classical period was beginning to pass into Romanticism. The concerto begins with an allegro that the composer said should be played 'con brio' meaning with spirit. Although the opening movement is primarily in C minor, it shifts into D major and E-flat major here and there, hinting at what is to come. The second movement is in an unrelated key, E major, while the finale, returns to the home key before shifting to C major for the lively coda.

    The second piece is widely known as the ‘Emperor Concerto’ and was composed by Beethoven in 1809. Reflecting the composer's worldview at the time, the music is again split into three movements. An adagio in B major in the second movement is preceded and followed by two E-flat major movements. While the opening movement is in 4:4, the finale is in 6:8, affording listeners a very different sensibility at the conclusion.

    Rudolf Buchbinder is widely regarded as one of the leading classical pianists of the last six decades. With an illustrious career, the Austrian is known for his interpretations of piano music that mix an indomitable spirit with flair and spontaneity. His renditions of Beethhoven's piano works are particularly celebrated for their sense of musical freedom and depth. In fact, Buchbinder has played all of Beethoven's piano sonatas and concertos multiple times over his 60 years as a professional musician. During that time he has developed a well-deserved reputation for his mastery not only of the keyboard but of the numerous orchestras he has performed with.

    Anyone in Venice while these concerts are taking place is likely to find them to provide startling entertainment, balancing vivacity with poignancy in equal measure.

    image Gran Teatro La Fenice / Fondazione Teatro La Fenice, Michele Crosera