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Gran Teatro La Fenice

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Grand Ball La Fenice

Grand Ball La Fenice

The Venice Carnival is returning to Gran Teatro La Fenice, the city’s renowned performance hall that has seen numerous classic opera premieres and distinguished concerts. A truly exquisite and high-class experience, The Grand Ball La Fenice is pulling all the stops to deliver a stunning dinner, exciting performances and lots of dancing. The delectable menu is the work of a Michelin star chef. The music and dance ensembles don handmade costumes courtesy of one of the city’s famous ateliers. The dinner and dance spread through three of the Teatro’s storied halls to give everyone the chance to immerse themselves in the special atmosphere of the Venice Carnival.

Once you have put your costume and Venetian mask on, you are ready to head to Gran Teatro La Fenice in Venice’s fabled San Marco district. The doors open at 7:45 pm, and a pleasant welcome aperitif follows at 8 pm. After roaming the theatre’s opulent Apollonian Halls, you can take your dinner seat at 8:30 pm. When booking, you can choose between sitting in the Main Ballroom, the Ammannati Hall or the Sinopoli Hall. The rich menu includes vegetarian, fish and meat options to suit every refined taste.

While you are enjoying your creative and delicious dinner, a music and dance show keeps you entertained. Dressed in fantastical period costumes that are sure to transport you to the times of Giacomo Casanova and his countless noble conquests, the adroit dancers and skilled musicians recreate soiree performances that entertained Venetian aristocracy for centuries. At the strike of 11:30 pm, it is your turn to join in on the fun. At the Main Ballroom, the professional dancers become avid teachers and guide you through the steps of the most beloved dances of the day. You learn galops, minuets, contradances and waltzes. Between dances, you can replenish your energy with carnival sweets and Prosecco to keep going until the event closes at 1:30 am. As you sway around the Apollonian Hall of Gran Teatro La Fenice, you take in its character. This is a Carnival experience for the books!

image Gran Teatro La Fenice / Fondazione Teatro La Fenice, Michele Crosera