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Palazzo Pisani Moretta

I (Salone centrale), € 896
II (Stanze laterali), € 624

Ballo Tiepolo®

Ballo Tiepolo®

Ballo Tiepolo has become a staple of the beloved Venice Carnival. With several dozen editions in the bag and counting, this splendid combination of a masked ball, a stunning dinner, and an engaging music and dance show has become an audience favourite. Under exquisite and exclusive candlelight, the Palazzo Pisani Moretta on the Grand Canal brings the baroque atmosphere to life. The Tiepolo Ball extends across the palace’s main hall as well as adjoining rooms for the special seated dinner, while the main dance event gathers all guests on the ground floor to dance the night away in joyful celebration.

The magnificent palazzo opens its doors at 8 pm. With your 18th-century carnival costume on and a delicious welcome aperitif in hand, you can explore the lavish venue’s ground floor. Take in the authentic old-time vibe courtesy of meticulous baroque designs. At 8:30 pm, you make your way to the exclusive upper floor, normally reserved for nobility only. The dinner begins shortly after in the warm glow of innumerable candles, the menu courtesy of a Michelin-starred chef. You will be able to choose a meat, fish or vegetarian option according to your liking. Each course is paired with appropriate Italian wine.

While you enjoy your delectable dinner menu, an orchestra and opera soloists take you on a tour through some of classical music’s most famous and adored melodies. Skilled dancers and other performers join them, and the evening’s entertainment moves through the dining halls. When the clock strikes 11, it is time to head down to the ground floor where the dancers become your teachers and guide you through a crash course of period dances. To keep your energies high, a buffet of chocolate, Venetian fritters and fizzy Prosecco wine accompanies the dance night all the way until closing time at 1:30 am. The Tiepolo Ball is a veritable blast from the past for true Venetian connoisseurs!

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