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L’Oro di Napoli

L’Oro di Napoli

Neapolitan culture has long gone around the globe and charmed millions of people with a taste for joyful music and gleeful stage action. Be it song, dance, or the celebrated commedia dell’arte, you are in for a splendid, exhilarating ride! The concert L’Oro di Napoli brings together exemplary arias from the best Italian operas and world-famous Neapolitan songs combined with wildly entertaining skits featuring the traditional characters Pulcinella and Pazzariello, as well as a ballet dancer. The versatile programme plays at the impressive Villa Fiorentino and promises to make this performance the cultural highlight of your visit to beautiful Sorrento!

A soprano and a tenor take the stage to present the greatest melodies that have earned Italy its name in the musical pantheon. The accompaniment is courtesy of an ensemble featuring violin, mandolin and piano, a special instrumental constellation that gives the evening a unique sonic atmosphere. In the programme of L’Oro di Napoli (Italian for ‘The Gold of Naples’), you can expect to hear popular arias from masterpieces such as Rigoletto and La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi or Tosca by Giacomo Puccini. Sprinkled throughout the set list are also the most celebrated Neapolitan songs that never fail to get audiences clapping and swaying. Hits like ‘O Sole mio’, ‘Torna a Surriento’ and ‘Funiculì Funiculà’ truly need no introduction. They and many more promise top-notch musical entertainment.

Apart from the first-class music, the concert also makes a nod to the Italian entertainment traditions of commedia dell’arte and ballet. Thus, the musical numbers are accompanied by classical dance routines as well as short theatre scenes. Let the gracious ballet dancer, the wild Pulcinella with the black mask and prominent nose and the hilarious clown Pazzariello amuse you and add to your evening’s enjoyment. The concert L’Oro di Napoli lives up to its name and demonstrates how wide-ranging and far-reaching the Neapolitan and Italian cultural heritage is. With excellent music, evocative dance and top-notch comedy, this is an event that definitely wins the gold!