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Palazzo del Pugliese

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Callas a Palazzo

Callas a Palazzo

Maria Callas shines through the history of opera like a lightning bolt. Her unique vocal quality and seemingly limitless power as well as her notoriously hot temperament destined her for greatness and fame. Even though her life and career were cut short by a fatal heart episode in 1977, the American soprano lives on in her many recordings and most of all in the vivid memories of her performances. The concert Callas a Palazzo pays a moving tribute to Maria Callas in the heart of Florence. It includes live performance by a talented soprano as well as video clips of highlights from the diva’s most enchanting roles. The homage to La Divina takes place at the opulent Palazzo del Pugliese, a most fitting place to remember and honour one of opera’s greatest legends, and it begins with a short tour of this historic venue.

Palazzo del Pugliese bears the signs of many noble owners. Proudly standing over Piazza del Carmine and San Frediano, the Renaissance palace is part of Italy’s national arts heritage. The beautiful facades as well as the palace’s garden are the work of the 18th-century Italian architect Zanobi Del Rosso who left the defining mark on the palazzo’s style and design. After the tour of the palace grounds has left you impressed with the glamour and wealth of generations of Italian aristocrats, it is time for music.

Callas a Palazzo features Maria Callas’ best-known arias performed live by a soprano with an accompaniment of piano and violin. The minimalist arrangement and the amazing and varied stage costumes capture the beauty and greatness of Callas as a singer and performer marvellously. In a time-defying feat, on several occasions the musicians also play along to video recordings of the opera diva herself in order to give you a glimpse of what it was to witness her performance live. This concert is as close as you can come to hearing Maria Callas live. In the historic Palazzo del Pugliese, a legend comes back to life.