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    La Traviata Pocket Opera

    La Traviata Pocket Opera

    The love story of Violetta and Alfredo made Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata one of the most beloved operas of all time. In the atmospheric ambience of the Methodist Church on Via Firenze in Rome, it finds an exciting ‘pocket opera’ format that retains the emotional charge and musical beauty of the original and gives a whole new angle to Verdi’s brilliant score. A delightful pasta tasting included, this is a great Roman evening to be had!

    Your quintessentially Italian night in the Eternal City begins at 7:30 pm with a sample of delicious Italian pasta dishes. As authentic and inventive Mediterranean flavours dance on your palate, your appetite for more Roman experiences is bound to grow. The performance of Verdi’s La Traviata in its abridged format then commences at 08:30 pm and takes you away to the decadence and luxury of another famous European capital, Paris.

    Giuseppe Verdi and librettist Francesco Maria Piave based La Traviata on the play La dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas, who himself drew inspiration from the real-life story of Parisian courtesan and social climber Marie Duplessis. The opera’s heroine Violetta embodies the beauty, charm and tragic youth of the historical figure. Initially sceptical, even mocking of true love, she finds her cynical world view challenged by the pure feelings of the young nobleman Alfredo Germont. His father Giorgio is quick to intervene and put pressure on the couple to part ways, for the sake of the family honour. How will this love hold up against society’s strict moral code?

    The pocket opera La Traviata at Chiesa Metodista d’Italia in Rome features three talented singers who play the main parts of Violetta, Alfredo and Giorgio. A trio of piano, violin and clarinet accompany them as they go through classics like ‘Sempre libera’, ‘Un di, felice, eterea’ or the classic toast song ‘Libiamo ne’lieti calici’. Abridged but still powerful, Verdi’s ‘fallen woman’ story is sure to enthral you!