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Baths of Caracalla

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Tosca, Opera by G. Puccini

Tosca, Opera by G. Puccini

Staged by the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome as a part of their annual festival, this production of Giacomo Puccini's famous opera, Tosca, is put on at the wonderful Baths of Caracalla. These ancient Roman baths, or Terme di Caracalla to refer to them by their Italian name, have been the backdrop to many exquisite musical performances over the years. Typically used over the summer months since a temporary open-air stage and seating area are set up, the Baths of Caracalla create an amphitheatre-like atmosphere that is not to be missed. Given the dramatic setting, a performance of a passionate opera, such as Tosca, is sure to be a big success with all fans of music, including those who are new to opera.

Tosca was first staged on 14 January 1900 at Rome's Teatro Costanzi, a location not far from the baths. Puccini had adapted a play called La Tosca by the French dramatist, Victorien Sardou, to create his own, new work. He had been interested in doing so since 1889 after he saw a touring production of the play in Italy. However, the rights were sold to a rival after Sardou apparently offended Puccini and the great maestro withdrew from the project. It was only years later, in 1895, that Puccini gained the rights to write and produce his version, the opera we know today simply as Tosca.

Set during the Napoleonic wars in Italy, Tosca is a political thriller. The action on stage covers just one 24-hour period which accounts for much of its intensity. Baron Scarpia is a corrupt officer, a chief-of-police who abuses his power. He lusts after Floria Tosca, the title character, and bargains with her to spare the life of her lover, a painter named Cavaradossi. The young man has been found to have been assisting political prisoners. Scarpia uses this knowledge to leverage Tosca and put her into an almost impossible position. With high stakes and a passionate libretto, Tosca is an opera that never fails to thrill, especially in such a delightful setting.

The Roman Baths of Caracalla are frequently visited by tourists who enjoy the many notable sites of antiquity in the Eternal City. However, when they are used for operatic production, like this staging of Tosca, the atmosphere really comes alive. Anyone seeking thrilling musical and dramatic entertainment will not want to miss out on such a prestigious venue and staging.

image Terme di Caracalla / Photo by C.M. Falsini