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Oratorio del Caravita

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Tastes and Sounds of Italy

Tastes and Sounds of Italy

The dinner and concert that together form Tastes and Sounds of Italy offer a unique experience in Rome. At the quaint restaurant Le Cave di Sant'Ignazio, you get the ideal atmosphere thanks to a delectable three-course menu. To follow, one of the most innovative pieces of classical music, The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, is performed in concert in the nearby Oratorio del Caravita, adding another dimension to your Roman evening. For a true celebration of the senses during your vacation in the Eternal City, delicious Italian food and uplifting Baroque melodies await.

Le Cave di Sant'Ignazio, a charming eatery serving top-notch Italian food in Piazza Sant'Ignazio, hosts the culinary portion of Tastes and Sounds of Italy, beginning at 6.30 p.m. You can choose the three-course menu that most appeals to you. Each was carefully put together by Le Cave’s chefs specifically for this occasion. A starter, a substantial main dish, a sweet dessert, and water are included in every option. Many other drinks can be purchased extra. The atmosphere of the authentic Italian restaurant and the freshly prepared meals immediately make your traditional Roman evening enjoyable.

Once you have satisfied your palate, it is time to head down to the Baroque Caravita Church, which is about 80 metres from the restaurant. Starting at 8.30 p.m., Vivaldi's Four Seasons violin concertos take you on a fantastic voyage full of many ingenious sound effects, from buzzing bees and booming fireplaces to thundering summer storms and howling winter winds. Inspired by nature itself, Vivaldi created a piece of music that has endured through the ages. His experimental approach and crafty use of stringed instruments’ complete timbral calibre made The Four Seasons sound creative and fresh in the 1720’s when it was written, and it retains the outlandish, unique quality to this day. Thus the Tastes and Sounds of Italy dinner and concert finds its bombastic conclusion at the Oratorio del Caravita.