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Salome, Opera by R. Strauss

Salome, Opera by R. Strauss

The opera Salome, presented at Teatro Costanzi in Rome, combines the powerful and dramatic music of Richard Strauss with the scandalous wit and imaginative brilliance of Oscar Wilde. The German libretto, crafted by Hedwig Lachmann, closely mirrors Wilde's audacious play from 1891. Salome takes the audience on a roller-coaster ride of incest, lust and violence, with a series of gripping dramatic twists. The unstoppable creative fusion of Strauss and Wilde in this opera premiered on 9 December 1905 at the Königliches Opernhaus (modern-day Semperoper) in Dresden. While it initially shocked the prudes, leading to temporary bans throughout Europe, Salome ultimately triumphed and can only be appreciated for its artistic qualities with no shame or finger-pointing.

Strauss's Salome faithfully follows the biblical narrative. King Herodes is consumed by carnal passion for his stepdaughter, Salome, and undertakes increasingly bold advances towards her in plain sight. At some point, he demands that she dance for him, offering to grant her biggest wish in return. This offer is too tempting to turn down. Salome agrees and performs the iconic 'Dance of the Seven Veils.' At the end, she stands nude before the amazed king and makes her fateful wish: the head of John the Baptist on a silver platter. Despite the great political and moral ramifications, Herodes delivers on his promise – but what Salome does next will shake him to his core.

Richard Strauss infuses every note of Salome's score with his trademark creativity and passion. To evoke the atmosphere of this macabre tale, he skilfully incorporates oriental elements into the music, particularly in the erotically charged dance. Strauss also developed an intricate system of leitmotifs that help bind the action together and guide the listener through the emotional and narrative stages of the piece. Beyond being renowned for featuring the first-ever striptease on an operatic stage, Salome offers an immersive and authentic experience that transports audiences to ancient times. Prepare to be captivated by the performance at Teatro dell’Opera di Roma in Rome.

image Rome Opera House / Silvia Lelli / Teatro dell'Opera di Roma