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Chiesa Metodista di Ponte Sant'Angelo

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Opera, Aperitif and Dinner

Opera, Aperitif and Dinner

When in Rome, do as the Romans do, the famous saying goes. One way to follow this principle is to enjoy a rich and memorable evening full of artistic and culinary pleasure. The event Opera, Aperitif and Dinner in Rome's Methodist Church on Piazza di Ponte Sant’Angelo gives you the perfect opportunity. It begins with wonderful programme of classical music that features famous opera arias and beloved pieces for solo piano. After the performance, you can meet the musicians over a pleasant aperitivo. To draw the connection between the music and the food of Italy, both celebrated in their own right, the experience wraps with a delicious, opera-themed dinner at the nearby Zagara Restaurant.

The concert Opera Greatest Hits lives up to its name and presents the most popular opera arias and duets, performed by a soprano and a tenor with a gentle piano accompaniment. Some of the greatest melodies crafted by masters of opera such as Gioachino Rossini, Giacomo Puccini and Giuseppe Verdi, among others, are guaranteed to impress you. The programme also features famous Neapolitan songs by Ernesto De Curtis or Salvatore Cardillo in order to immerse you even deeper into the broad and wonderful musical heritage of Italy.

Once the musical part’s 75 minutes fly by, you can exchange vivid concert impressions with the people around you and also meet the musicians during a small aperitivo at the concert hall. The evening’s final highlight – a sumptuous Mediterranean dinner with welcome cocktail and a choice between several starters, main dishes and desserts – takes place at the Zagara Restaurant, just 50 metres away. The menu is especially created to match the concert, and it celebrates some of the Maestros’ own culinary backgrounds. Rossini was known as an accomplished chef, and Verdi grew up on a farm and dabbled in wine-making. As you have your choice of delicate and gourmet culinary creations such as the ‘Bellini’ welcome cocktail, pasta ‘Norma’, beef ‘Rossini’, or baked rigatoni ‘Caruso’, you are bound to experience true Roman pleasure.