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    Movies in Concert

    Movies in Concert

    The event Movies in Concert at the Waldensian Auditorium offers you a special movie-magic journey that promises to make your visit to the Eternal City truly memorable! This live performance of the world’s most famous movie soundtracks, preceded by a welcome pasta tasting, is a true feast for all the senses!

    Music has been an essential part of a film’s identity, atmosphere and success ever since the invention of the moving image. Many famous movie soundtracks take on a life of their own and enjoy popularity alongside the motion pictures they once called ‘home’. Movies in Concert demonstrates the power and importance of some of the most beloved and timeless movie themes with a chamber-like arrangement and attractive accompanying choreography.

    Titles like ‘C’era una volta il West’, ‘Lawrence d’Arabia’, ‘1492: Conquest of Paradise’, or ‘Love Story’ hardly need an introduction. They are so magical and so magnificent that just the opening chords instantly dazzle you and immerse you into the wondrous movie world. For your listening pleasure, a chamber ensemble of piano, violin and double bass present their exquisite arrangements of these famous themes and more, and a talented soprano breathes new life into the popular melodies.

    For the spectacle to be complete, a couple of dancers expertly fuse music with motion in a live-action homage to the original movie titles. To round off your experience, Movies in Concert at the Waldensian Auditorium, just a dash away from Piazza Venezia, includes a pasta tasting that helps get you into the Italian atmosphere and mood. If your passion for food is as big as your appreciation of a good soundtrack, this event delivers top-notch authentic culinary delight!

    Movies in Concert begins with a pasta tasting at 7:30 pm. The performance, along with a short intermission, starts at 8:30 pm and goes on for around ninety minutes. Create your own exciting movie fantasy with the best soundtracks the world has ever heard!