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    Leonardo in Rome

    Leonardo in Rome

    It is hard to encompass all the ways in which Leonardo Da Vinci left a mark on modern civilisation. An artist, an inventor, a visionary – he was all that and so much more. The unique museum tour and concert event Leonardo in Rome allows you a peek into the Renaissance genius’ mind. With live musical accompaniment played on authentic instruments and an apt guided tour in English, you can experience reality through the mind’s eye of one of the most accomplished humans in history while fully immersed into the performance atmosphere of his time.

    Favourably located on Via della Conciliazione, not far from St Peter’s Basilica, the museum Leonardo Da Vinci Experience is the perfect venue for a trip into the master’s creative universe. It boasts a collection of over fifty models of various inventions, build painstakingly according to Leonardo’s specifications. As you behold the ingenuity of machines with known and unknown purposes, a talented musician accompanies your gaze with authentic tunes from centuries ago played on the lute and the four-string guitar. Only this level of multisensorial immersion can truly help you unlock Da Vinci’s genius!

    Of course, the legacy of Leonardo includes not only clever inventions but also some of the finest art works in recorded history. During Leonardo in Rome, you have the chance to inspect world-class reproductions of the master’s most famous and beloved art pieces, among them Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. Thanks to popular culture phenomena such as The Da Vinci Code, Leonardo’s art enjoys a renaissance of its own. The renewed scrutiny of his creative output yields ever new insights, and you are cordially invited to lose yourself into his evocative and unique art.

    As the tour comes to a close, a short concert performance of music typical of Leonardo Da Vinci’s time provides a tasteful coda to your trip through the genius’ life and legacy. The melodies that accompanied you through the halls now take centre stage and weave the fabric of your Renaissance dreams to completion. For lovers of invention, art, creativity and music, Leonardo in Rome is a natural choice.