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All Saints' Anglican Church

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La Traviata, Opera by G. Verdi

La Traviata, Opera by G. Verdi

A heart-wrenching tale of an impossible love that transforms two young lives against society’s stiff moral code simply screams ‘Giuseppe Verdi’ who never shied away from challenging norms. Fuelled by the original story La dame aux camélias by Alexandre Dumas, the Maestro created La Traviata, one of his most recognised operas. Take the chance to listen to this classic work in a stripped-down arrangement that underscores its vocal and dramatic power at the All Saints Church in Rome this season!

La Traviata rests on the magnificent yet tragically short life of Marie Duplessis, a Parisian courtesan whose beauty and intellect were the stuff of legend and an inspiration to a number of great artistic minds. Verdi and his librettist Francesco Maria Piave re-imagine Marie as Violetta Valery whose irresistible charm takes over the young nobleman Alfredo.

Once cynical, Violetta warms up to her suitor’s romanticism. Unfortunately, the conservative French society, personified by Alfredo’s father Giorgio Germont, breaks the couple apart. As Violetta succumbs to tuberculosis, the pair share an intensely emotional reunion. The young woman dies happy and loved.

The premiere of La Traviata on 6 March 1853 at Venice’s Teatro La Fenice was a flop, mainly thanks to some unfortunate casting choices. Certain of his work’s quality, however, Verdi persevered and mounted a new production that established the opera as one of his greatest achievements. The way the characters’ development is charted in their arias and in the orchestral accompaniment is quintessentially Verdi-esque, and the performance at Rome’s All Saints Church will bring the composer’s musical ingenuity to the forefront.

At this beautiful Anglican church in the heart of the Eternal City, not far from Piazza del Popolo, you will see the complete opera La Traviata with the three leads Violetta, Alfredo and Giorgio along with a cast of supporting characters and the accompaniment of an octet ensemble. The chamber-like orchestral arrangement will offer you a unique look at Verdi’s celebrated score, and you will delight in the Maestro’s gift for melody, harmony and musical characterisation in their purest form. This one-of-a-kind performance at a historical venue in Rome is well worth your time!