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Chiesa Metodista di Ponte Sant'Angelo

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Italian Arias and Neapolitan Songs

Italian Arias and Neapolitan Songs

The musical heritage of Italy is rich and varied, and it is carried by numerous generations of immensely talented composers and performers. The concert Italian Arias and Neapolitan Songs at Chiesa Metodista di Ponte Sant’Angelo in Rome offers a fantastic selection of instantly recognisable melodies that each hold a special place in the nation’s musical pantheon. With arias by Giuseppe Verdi, Vincenzo Bellini, Gioachino Rossini and many others as well as the infectious Neapolitan songs by greats such as Francesco Paolo Tosti, the concert is as much a splendid lesson in musical history as a thoroughly enjoyable feast for the ears. After the concert, a small reception with sparkling wine and snacks in the company of the artists rounds off the true-to-form Italian experience.

Italian Arias and Neapolitan Songs is lovingly put together by the tenor Alessandro Fantini and the pianist Giovanni Velluti. Together with a talented soprano, the two take great care presenting the best exemplars of the Italian musical tradition. They reach deep into the national catalogue to select their favourite excerpts from the grand stage works of Italy’s opera maestros. Against that venerable list, they also present the similarly rich and important tradition of the Neapolitan song, a ‘short’ genre with a long history and major significance for Italian and world music.

Famous tunes like ‘O sole mio’, ‘Funiculì funiculà’ or ‘O’ paese d’o sole’ have earned their rightful place next to the famous arias of Verdi, Rossini and Donizetti. Thanks to generations of great singers, from Enrico Caruso to Luciano Pavarotti, they have gained popularity and recognition that make them feel at home on the classical music stage. To help you appreciate this eclectic 75-minute concert even more, the musicians will provide English commentary and anecdotes between songs, so that your enjoyment of Italian Arias and Neapolitan Songs is as education as it is also fun. During the concluding aperitivo, you can speak with the artists and learn more about the great Italian musical tradition right from the source.