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    The Great Opera and Ballet

    The Great Opera and Ballet

    Romanticism was a most wondrous artistic epoch that gave us some genre-defining stage works. This season, Rome’s impressive Caravita Church hosts the event The Great Opera and Ballet that takes you on a journey through the most memorable and beloved creations of Italian and other European masters. It is a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the Romantic atmosphere fully and to appreciate the exquisite emotionality of the melodies and dances that define it.

    The Great Opera and Ballet in Rome features the work of undoubted masters of both genres. Italian greats like Pietro Mascagni, Giuseppe Verdi, Giacomo Puccini or Gioachino Rossini as well as European luminaries such as Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and Jules Massenet make an appearance in an all-star programme that caresses the ear, intrigues the eye and touches the soul.

    It is not every day that you can witness the greatness of Cavalleria Rusticana, La Traviata, Soirées musicales, Tosca, La Bohème, Rigoletto and The Nutcracker on one stage and in the span of 90 minutes. Each of these and other masterpieces that form the evening’s proceedings is firmly rooted in Romanticism, a style that forms the red thread between the different performances and ties the whole event together.

    For your listening pleasure, a string quartet and a pianist from the Opera e Lirica ensemble accompany a soprano and a tenor as they take on one classic piece after the other. A pair of dancers recreate some of the most memorable pas de deux the ballet stage has known. The performance, thus, presents a potent mixture of music and movement that overflow with emotion and appeal to all the artistic senses.

    The Great Opera and Ballet, in the 17th century baroque Oratory of San Francesco Saverio del Caravita, known as the Caravita Church, impresses with Romanticism’s most shining examples and is a truly special performance that will make a wonderful Roman memory!