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Grand Christmas Concert

Grand Christmas Concert

On the cusp of the Christmas holidays, there is much musical joy to be had, but one event in the Italian capital stands out and promises to bring you into the celebratory spirit. The Grand Christmas Concert at St Paul’s Within the Walls Church in Rome embodies the season’s cheer with a rich programme of classical music, beloved Christmas carols and uplifting gospel numbers. The concert’s line-up, venue and setlist stand out with inimitable celebratory atmosphere that is bound to put you in the mood for a truly special Christmas. If you find yourself in Rome on December 22, there is no better place to be.

The Grand Christmas Concert begins at 6:30 pm. For its duration of over 90 minutes, you will take an exciting musical trip across the centuries and hear beloved classics come to life. The Christmas journey begins with Arcangelo Corelli’s ‘Concerto grosso in G minor’, popularly known as his ‘Christmas Concert’. This Baroque gem goes through six movements in about fifteen minutes, riding on a multitude of dynamic tempo changes until it reaches a serene pastoral closing. ‘Rejoice!’ from George Frideric Handel’s famous oratorio Messiah stays in the musical period and lifts the Christmas spirit even further with its beautiful soprano melodies. An assortment of beloved Italian and international Christmas carols follow and culminate in Handel’s ‘Hallelujah!’ to usher in the blessed holiday.

The personnel behind the Grand Christmas Concert includes an orchestra, a choir, soloists and various instruments typical for the Baroque period such as the harpsichord. St Paul’s Within the Walls provides an amazing setting for this special performance. The first ever Protestant church built in Rome, it features Burne-Jones’ famous stunning mosaics. Their depictions of standout biblical events follow the impressive visual style typical of the 19th century and make the church a highly sought-after venue for the performance of sacred music. The Grand Christmas Concert in Rome could not ask for a better home to spread its season’s cheer and jubilation.