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Forsythe / Inger / Blanc

Forsythe / Inger / Blanc

Teatro dell’Opera di Roma is one of the best places in Rome to enjoy not only great operas but inspiring dance performances, too. Forsythe / Inger / Blanc is one example of the performance hall’s knack for picking exciting and unconventional ballet shows that dazzle and entertain. It brings together the creative powers of three stars of contemporary dance for a night of visual and musical enjoyment that makes for classic Roman memories.

The first work is the now-legendary “Herman Schmerman” by William Forsythe. The famed American choreographer created this performance for the New York City Ballet’s Diamond Project. It was premiered on 28 May 1992 at the New York State Theater. The electronic score by Thom Willems complements Forsythe’s edgy and geometric choreography perfectly. The original costume designs are courtesy of the late Gianni Versace. Don’t let the silly title fool you: this is a contemporary dance tour de force beyond any doubt!

Next comes “Walking Mad” by Johan Inger, inspired by Socrates’ observation that “our greatest gifts come to us in a state of madness”. It was first performed at the Nederlands Dans Theater in 2001. The Swedish choreographer picked Maurice Ravel’s spellbinding Bolero as well as Arvo Pärt’s nostalgic Für Alina as backdrop for his exciting, unpredictable dance routines. Nine dancers navigate the intricate stage set, designed by Inger himself, and negotiate strange encounters that come to represent the way through life itself.

“From Afar” by Nicolas Blanc closes the evening’s programme. The internationally trained and recognised choreographer teams up with composer Enzio Bosso and set designer Andrea Miglio to deliver one more of his trademark explorations of space and time through intricate and inventive movement. He provides the perfect coda to the varied and multisensorial delight that is the triple ballet performance Forsythe / Inger / Blanc at Teatro Costanzi in Rome.

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