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Oratorio del Caravita

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Christmas Concert

Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert at Oratorio del Caravita is a must for all guests of Rome who are on the lookout for a classy musical experience in a memorable setting. A tenor and a soprano perform favourite tunes that transcend periods and genres of musical history, backed up by a piano and a string quartet. The undeniable Christmas spirit and the musicians’ gift unite the rich programme into one cohesive, festive experience. A magnificent concert featuring music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, George Frideric Handel, Johann Pachelbel, Johann Strauss, Felix Mendelssohn, and John Lennon, among others, takes place in the heart of Rome to mark the most anticipated and significant Christian celebration.

The first part of the Christmas Concert at the Caravita Church goes further back in time. With standout numbers by Mozart, Handel, Pachelbel, and Mendelssohn, the elaborate melodies of the Baroque and Classical eras find excellent representation. Part I of the programme also honours lesser known but equally talented and significant composers of the 16th to 18th century, like François Couperin, Adolphe Adam, and Giulio Caccini, making it a fun journey across time through the prism of sacred celebratory music.

Part II then kicks off with ‘The Blue Danube’, the signature tune by Johann Strauss the Son, opening the door to more modern-sounding tunes. The concert continues soldiering on towards the present day with contemporary songs like ‘War Is Over’ by John Lennon and traditional Christmas carols like ‘Silent Night’ by Franz Xaver Gruber, ‘Let It Snow’ by Jule Styne, and ‘White Christmas’ by Irving Berlin. A slight return to Baroque times with the melodies of Arcangelo Corelli notwithstanding, we stay close to modern times with ‘Jingle Bells’ by James Lord Pierpont and Johann Strauss the Father's stirring ‘Radetzky March’, which round out the evening and make the Christmas Concert at Rome's historic Oratorio del Caravita a vibrant, unforgettable, and thoroughly pleasurable holiday experience.