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Complesso Monumentale Donnaregina

Settore A, € 20
Settore B, € 15
Settore C, € 10

Tableaux vivants da Caravaggio

Tableaux vivants da Caravaggio

Caravaggio is one of the most celebrated painters of Italian Baroque. His paintings are characterised by levels of realism, emotion and dramatic charge that make his style instantly recognisable and unique. Caravaggio’s affinity for taking characters from society’s lower classes and making them the heroes in religious, mythological and other fantastical compositions earned him fame and accolades that last to this day. Tableaux vivants da Caravaggio at Complesso Monumentale Donnaregina in Naples lets you experience some of the artist’s most famous works ‘live’, recreated by living actors against the venue’s majestic background and to the accompaniment of classical music. It is a one-time opportunity to see the Baroque master’s art literally come to life.

The event includes a live staging of 23 of Caravaggio’s famous paintings. In accordance with the artist’s distinct compositional style, a single ray of light illuminates every scene and imbues each visual composition with raw naturalism. The actors wear costumes and use objects in line with the painted originals, and they maintain a seamless flow while jumping from one painting into the next. The recorded music of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi and Jean Sibelius adds to the special atmosphere of the performance and makes the stage work complete.

Tableaux vivants da Caravaggio feels right at home in Naples. Caravaggio made his name as artist in Rome where he regularly partook in life’s indulgences, like gambling, alcohol and regular brawls. After a drunken scuffle ended fatally for his opponent, the unruly artist had to flee to Naples where he spent most of his last few remaining years. The 17th-century church complex Complesso Monumentale Donnaregina where the event takes place also houses a beautiful museum art collection. After the 40-minute performance, you are cordially invited to take a self-guided tour through the complex and enjoy its visual art holdings. Get ready for a rich and full experience of still and living paintings with classical music accompaniment in the heart of Naples!