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You cannot say your visit to Naples was complete without an evening of classic Neapolitan songs. Chances are high that you know and can even hum great tunes like ‘O sole mio’, ‘Tarantella’ or ‘Funiculì funiculà’, but nothing compares to witnessing those emotion-laden, expressive pieces performed live. The concert Napulitanata, put together with lots of love and local pride, offers you exactly this unique opportunity. In the stately venue under the arcades of Galleria Principe di Napoli on Piazza Museo Nazionale, the beloved songs truly come to life.

Napulitanata celebrates local culture with gusto and passion. Driven by the goal to create a space in the heart of Naples where everyone can enjoy the great regional musical heritage first-hand, the event delivers on its promise. In an intimate and classy setting that projects the songs’ inherent emotional charge, a roster of talented and dedicated musicians take turns presenting their renditions of classics in the genres of canzone napoletana and tarantella. Interspersed between the vocal performances, you can also witness the region’s famous dances.

The concert Napulitanata is a special experience that defies proper classification and standardisation. The programme tends to change from night to night, so you get the chance to hear some new melodies along with the obligatory hits. The performers, backed by a piano, an accordion and other acoustic instruments appropriate to the Neapolitan song genre, do not use microphones or amplifiers. Instead, they let their voices soar and ring among the venue’s walls, relying on their skill and passion to reach every audience member. This is part of the magic of Napulitanata: its raw energy makes this one-hour show and this music irresistible. Give in to the temptation of Neapolitan songs!

image Napulitanata